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AHMAD FAUZI, S.Pd. - MA Negeri Pamekasan 1

Education is not just about having young people learn, it is not just a process of being taught, education can be very much more than that. The most important term of education is learning how to conform the belief and norms of society, so people can live properly in this world and here after, education will help us to see our selves on physical, mental and spiritual level. In other hand, education presents a full picture of where we have come from and where we may need to go, good education helps make good decisions for our life, it's good guide to understanding who we really are and a real understanding of the problem we may be experiencing, it opens the possibility for us to make the changes that will allow us to enjoy fully the life we have. And for that, we must find out the idealist and best place to study because it will influence our study process.
Pondok pesantren is educational institution of Indonesian culture in which the educational programmes are intensively held 24 hours, or we can say it is full day education, there is no doubt that Pesantren is the idealist place to study in religion and worldly education. Long time ago there was a lot of negative impressions addressed to Pesantren, it is often insulted that Pesantren frequently regarded as the cause of decline, stupidity and fanaticism.
But now, we ought to be happy and proud because in such modern era Pesantren is not regarded as an ancient institution any more, the students of Pesantren can also play computer, they can do mathematic exercises and they can speak English as well, especially here at Al-Amien Boarding school, the students use English or Arabic in their daily conversation. There is no reason to claim that Pesantren is an ancient institution as the cause of decline, stupidity and fanaticism, no one who can deny that Pesantren is still remain a rich source of knowledge. Pesantren is the province of religious establishment where any kind of knowledge, science moreover skill can be develop.
Do we still remember Bali bomb victim which injured and killed hundred of people and our beloved sisters and brothers. Pesantren is the central of Islamic culture will be the stronghold to filter that western culture. One of Germany thinker ever said " If only the education system of Indonesia is like the education system of Pesantren, Indonesia would have great leaders who had strong mental and self confident " and what he said is not just a bullshit, we know Norcholis Majid, M.H. Ainun Najib, Hasyim Muzaddi, KH. Abdurrahman Wahied and the like, all of them are well known men, whose voice is always listened, who have done and given their dedication for Indonesia. Does it ever cross our mind ? Those great people have ever studied at Pesantren. They use to learn how to be good leader from their Kiyai, they became successful because when they studied at Pesantren, they were educated to be self confident, to stand on their own feet, and they also taught to have soul of real human being. In the edition to this simple article, before we go away, I have something to tell you that Pesantren, particularly Al-Amien Boarding School is the idealist place to prepare good generation for the future as the youth of nation
Now let's we compare the students of Pesantren and the students outside Pondok Pesantren. When all people yell out " Reformation ” all students of university carry out " demonstration " but instead, they make the people uneasy, afraid and worry, because in spite of the demonstration they also destroy buildings, burn cars, plunder shops and cause the traffic jam, but look at what students of Pesantren do, they are still calm and quite, but it doesn't mean that they be apathetic looking the condition just like that and do nothing, they also conduct the demonstration but it is not like the demonstration done by university students and the people out side Boarding School. They demonstrate against their God by prayer at the midnight when all people sleep soundly, they wake up demonstrate against Allah the Al-Mighty reporting the complaints and the problems of our nation, they submit all affaires to their God, the Lord of the world, the Owner of all powers, but they do not only pray, they also deliver their ideas and opinions to over come the problems of our nation by a proper way which is better than the demonstrations that often cause the damage ands make people afraid and uneasy.
The last but not the least, I would like to invite you to take the important meaning and start to take the best, do the best, then give the best, let's prepare our selves as good as possible, let's prove that we are today are not we were yesterday, believe it or not to face the global era we are not ready enough, so we had better make good preparation. Do you ever think that the life we live in this world could be said to be simply part of a greater journey but more important is how we handle life changes and life events. Even though, we know that making change can be one of the hardest things we ever have to do, we can help our selves to make changes if we understand our reactions to change before we embark on the life its self; it is a lot of work to do. When we as adults decide that we are going to change our life, it is often because we discover that we don't know enough about our selves and the world we live in, we become curious the gaps in our knowledge and want to take things further. The process of exploration becomes a journey and a search for our life as well as for our selves. KH.Moh.Idris Jauhari ever said "Life is a process of searching for self identity" he told us to grow up and learn such kind of self confident, competence, and creativity because the journey we have been embarking upon our life in this world is very short. Remember everything will come to an end. Do something now or you will be late!!!


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